The Reason For My Joy . . .

The Reason For My Joy . . .

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Christmas Celebrations

 Santa came to the local Kings store this year.  Here's Rylan sitting on his lap.
 Andrea with her candy cane from Santa.
 Landon sure is growing up but still likes to sit on Santa's lap.
 Even Alexa was willing to sit on his lap for a picture.
 Little Lyndie's first Christmas.  She didn't even cry when Santa took her!
 Happy holidays from the Browning family.  We sure are getting to be quite a crew.
 Christmas morning.  Here's Landon with his new robe and Real Steel Robots.
 Baby's first Christmas.  She loved all the bows and wrapping paper!
 Andrea was sure excited about her new dream-lite.  She also got that robe she is wearing.
 Alexa with her new calendar.
 Santa brought Rylan a toy tool set.  Here he is ready to do some serious construction work.
 Landon made Joe this apron at scouts.  He loved it!
I had to get a picture of Lyndie in her "Baby's first Christmas shirt."

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  1. Such a beautiful family! I can't believe how grown up Lexie looks! Love you all!